About Us

Partex Denim is a Premium Denim Producer. It commenced its production in 2006 with the best and latest machinery available in the world. The current capacity is two Million yards of Fabric per month.

On the fabric side, our product range includes weights from 4.5 oz up to 14.5 oz using multi-count/multi-twist ring/open-end yarn using CAIPO technology. We have two worlds best Benninger Slasher Indigo dye range from Switzerland and Germany, which are capable of doing colored bottoming/topping reactive colored denim/Sandwich/ plus very deep indigo shades. Weaving is done on machines from Picanol Belgium.

Most modern Weaving machine both in rapier and airjet version to get good productivity and to make trouble free fabric even if it is made with coarser slub or spandex. Picanol Omniplus 800 and gammax rapier from Belgium where used some special device as per our requirement which can help to produce better fabric than others mill though they used also same machine. The loom shed is totally humidified and temperature controlled with enough air circulation and sufficient pressure to help machine and yarn to make better fabric and always make the shed clean.

On the finishing side, we have Cibitex which is the most modern finishing range introduced in Bangladesh for the first time by Partex. It has mini Stenter to keep fabric width same without any variation. Sufficient brushing, singeing in both side, high quality skew device, bigger padder, sanforizer and compacting device to make the fabric more clean and maintain shrinkage properly.

Partex was the pioneer of starting Flat finish fabric commercially in Bangladesh and is capable of doing a variation in flat quality as per the buyers requirement. They can make Soft Finish, Flat Finish, and Super Flat as well. This machine was specially designed as per Partex’s requirement.

Partex gives importance to inspection machines also. To control proper tension and easy handling Partex uses most modern machines with conveyer belt with auto wrapping and packing.

On the quality side, Partex uses most modern and efficient lab instruments from Atlas UK which is operated by trained technicians. The verivide Light box, Spectophotometer, Rubbing tester, Washing Fastness, Tensile strength etc gives accurate results and helps to keep quality good and more consistent.

On the development side, the R&D department is independent and equipped to promptly invent new designs for new fashion and develop buyer’s requirement timely. This department keeps all documents from dyeing recipe to fabric construction and keeps master roll to keep shade in same consistent even over a longer discontinuity.

Partex always researches to develop new fashion as per the world requirement as well as to maintain comfort & durability. Partex is manufacturing all kinds of denim fabrics in rigid and stretch in the following versions:
• Non flat
• Flat Super Flat
• Resin coated
• Pigment Coated
• Over Dyed
• PU Coated
• ECRU Denim
• RFD Denim
• Ash Colored Denim
• Reactive Colored Denim
• Color Denim

Partex is manufacturing bi-stretch commercially for the first time in Bangladesh. and coming soon with Organic Denim Fabric. There is no end in fashion. They are also in the process of making Linen Denim, Viscose denim, and so on.

On the environment side, Partex maintains a state of the art Water and Effluent Treatment Plant meeting toughest international standards, and always looks to make the working environment greener. It has plenty of lush trees surrounding the plant premises. Partex maintains labour laws, gives all facilities like medical, housing, leave, festival bonus etc to their employees.

Partex has a 4MW captive power house of its own, which provides power throughout the year, whihc ensures constant power supply to the plant without interruption.

Within two years Partex is compliant to all market standards and to buyers who are leading the world in denim fashion.

Partex Denim is not just a manufacturer of fabric but a complete development facility to provide 'speed to the market' capability required by our customers.